Healthy tips about Navratri food

Here is Healthy Navratri Foods for you –

1.Include a lot of milk in your diet. Milk is a whole meal, high in nutrient and a great source of energy. During fast drinking milk can be a torture, thus you can make cottage cheese out of it and eat it instead. .

2.Banana and curd together can make one of the best Navratri foods. They are rich source of calcium, potassium, fat and magnesium. A bowl of curd and banana can be eaten twice a day.

3.Fruits have always been fast friendly. They are filling as well as are a great body cleanser. Eat a lot of fruits through out the day. Fruits is best teamed up with warm milk. If taken with milk, avoid citrus fruits. Fruits like apple, mango etc can be taken with milk.

4.Acidity can be a common health problem during fasting. The best Navratri food to avoid acidity or cure acidity is to have cold milk and cream together. This cures acidity instantly.

5.During fasting make sure to maintain the body heat. Some of the Navratri foods are fried. Avoid them as much as possible. Fried food increases body heat which can be hazardous during fasting. Thus prefer grilled, baked or roasted food. If a dish needs to be fired, try using olive oil instead of refined oil.

6.The best energy food is Sabudana. It is a rich source of carbohydrates and thus, a great source of energy. Other sources of energy are banana and cucumber.


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