My favourite childhood sweet- soda icecream recipe

I still remember during my childhood my mom use to be very angry at me if I drink coke or any other soda.Whenever I use to visit any marriage with mom back in India I use to eat my favourite soda-icecream.

1)Add half scoop of vanila ice-cream or any falvour that you like in a chilled glas.
2)Add plain soda and fill till the brim.
3)If you wish top it with whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate chips, before serving.

Enjoy. While writing this I am cherishing my old memories:)

Just read the definition on wiki- An ice cream soda or float (United Kingdom, Canada, United States, New Zealand, and East Asia), coke float (New Zealand), or spider (New Zealand and Australia),[1] is a beverage that consists of one or more scoops of ice cream in either a soft drink or in a mixture of flavored syrup and carbonated water.


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