Aam Panna or Raw Mango Drink or Green Mango Beverage

Aam Panna is an Indian drink renowned for its heat resistant properties. It is made from green mangoes and it is used as a tasty and healthy beverage to fight against the intense Indian summer heat. Apart from being tasty this drink also looks good due to its refreshing light green color. Green Mango is a rich source of pectin, which gradually diminishes after the formation of the stone. Unripe mango is sour in taste because of the presence of oxalic, citric and malic acids.Aam panna which is prepared using raw mangoes, sugar and an assortment of spices is an effective remedy for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It also quenches thirst and prevents the excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron during summer due to excessive sweating.

Raw Mango
Roasted Cumin Seeds
Black Salt(You can find this in Indian stores) or Salt
Aam Panna or Raw Mango Panna

  • Roast the Raw mango over the flames. Peel the skin and collect the flesh/pulp from the mangoes. OR Peel and cube the mango and pressure cook with little water for 2-3 whistles .Once cooled, blend the mango in a blender to make puree
  • Add grated sugar, salt, pepper, black salt and blend again
  • Add cumin seeds and blend again
  • Take about 5 spoons of the above mixture for a glass and add crushed ice into it
  • Add lemon juice if needed. Sometimes mangoes are semi-ripe and not sour enough so adding lime juice gives the citrus effect
  • Drink depends upon personal taste so please change quantities as per your taste.Enjoy this drink and Beat the heat with it.


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