Plum drink – Refreshing summer cooler

I remember my childhood days when mom used to keep a pitcher of fresh lime juice (Shikanjwi in Indian language) in refrigerator for cool respite.I absolutely loved fresh lime juice and drink it hungrily, greedily sucking at the ice cubes in the end. Those were the days !!

The other day I was shopping in farmer’s market and saw Red plums .It was so tempting that I purchased immediately. But at home no one likes it.So I was thinking to try something new and that everyone’s like. So I prepared the below and now my family loves this drink.

6-7 plums

Plum Recipe
Plum Drink

  • Wash the plums and cut it into pieces. Put all the pieces in the blender. Make sure that it turns into a fine paste.
  • Then add Sugar and blend it one more time.
  • Add Water in the blender.
  • Serve cool with crushed ice.

Addition of Sugar depends upon the sweetness of plums. Also one of my friend likes to add lime juice to it.So you can add different ingredients as per your taste.If you want to prepare cocktail out of it you are free to add tequila or vodka.


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