Hungry? Samosa to the rescue

Awesome recipe!!

Quick Asian Recipes

This is that one snack in India which enjoys a legendary status. Loved by one and all, a Samosa is the first choice snack for all Indians, be it a school kid looking for a quick bite after school, an office worker who wants something tasty along with the ‘chai’ or a bunch of ladies who want something spicy along with their gossip, the humble samosa lives up to all their expectations. Enjoy it with some mint and coriander chutney and you will have found a best friend for your evening tea.


Serving Size – Serves Four

Estimated Preparation Time – 5 Minutes

Estimated Cooking Time – 15 Minutes


All Purpose Flour- 500gm or 2Cups

Potato boiled-2

Peas boiled- 1/2 cup

Onion chopped- 1

Turmeric powder-1/2Tsp

Cumin seeds- 1/2 Tsp

Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp

Chilli chopped- 2

Corriander chopped-1 Tbsp

Salt- 1 tsp

Vegetable Oil- 2 Tbsp(extra oil will…

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