Dieting Sucks, Anyone Who Says Differently is Selling Something

Life Finds a Way

The gym hasn’t been as packed as I expected it to be in these first weeks of 2014.  I was sort of dreading the New Year’s Resolution Rush, but I haven’t seen a ton of people.  Maybe it’s the time of day that I go—usually before the sun is up, because I have severe sleep and anxiety issues.

I was an athlete growing up as much as you can be an athlete.  I was a gymnast and I practiced eight times a week (yes, eight) at the peak of my career for about four hours per workout.  I have this lovely thing called muscle memory and as soon as I start to watch what I eat even remotely weight falls off of me faster than those people got out of that plane that landed in the Hudson river.

So I guess I’m lucky.

But I’m going to tell you a…

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