Rajmah recipe for Instant Pot

I posted the same recipe on my facebook page

Here are the steps that I followed.

1) 3 cups of Rajmah soaked for half an hour in the instant pot.
2)Boil Rajmah with enough water in manual settings for 8 .minutes with vent closed.
3) Let it release its pressure on its own and in the mean time I cut the big chunks of 1 costco onion , 2 tomatoes, grated ginger and chopped garlic.
4) I was done with the above step but my pressure was still not released so I just did Quick release.
5) I put the boiled rajmah in a container.
6)Turn on the saute mode and add 3 tbsps of oil.
7)Add onion chunks , tomatoes, ginger and garlic.
8) Put tumeric powder, salt , red chilli and closed the lid.
9)Turn off the saute mode and tun on the manual for 6 minutes with vent closed.
10) After 10 minutes I did the quick release and turn on the saute mode and started mashing everything with spatula in in the instant pot for the fine masala.
11) Added coriander powder and it took close to 25 minutes for my masala to finely get ready.
12) Added boiled rajmah and some more water as it was really thick.
12) Have to turn on the saute mode as my previous 30 minutes got over. I waited for my Rajmah to start boiling. Checked all the spices and added Kasoori Methi.


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