Homemade Yogurt

Preparing yogurt at home is not a big deal in India. Setting the yogurt is a daily chore in Northern India. My mom use  to boil milk and add a spoonful of the day’s leftover yogurt to it before going to bed. The next day we have a perfectly creamy yogurt. So, I also followed the same steps but I never got same consistency that my mom use to get. I went to my friend’s place for dinner and she suggested Yogourmet culture. I decided to give it a shot and went to the Wholefoods . There were a couple of yogurt starters. As soon as I saw a packet of Yogourmet, I jumped on to it 🙂

5 cups whole milk
1 Yogourmet culture (5gm)


1) Boil the milk either on stove or microwave it.(If you are microwaving it will take around 8-10 min).

2)Let it cool down and based on  your judgement add yogourmet to warm milk(not to boiling milk). For me warm milk means – when i microwave a cup of milk for 1 minute 30 seconds.

3)Place it in oven and let it sit it for 6-7 hours.

4)If after 6-7 hours you don’t see any results warm the oven for 5 minutes and see the results after an hour.




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